By Chandana Sinha, Shibshankar Bhattacharyya

The breadth, scope and quantity of study in atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics have elevated drastically within the previous few years. Following the frequent use of pulsed lasers, definite newly rising components in addition to chosen mature subfields are ushering in a moment renaissance. This quantity makes a speciality of present study in those an important parts: chilly atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates, quantum info and quantum computation, and new recommendations for investigating collisions and constitution. the themes coated comprise: the multireference coupled cluster process in quantum chemistry and the position of digital correlation in nanosystems; laser cooling of atoms and theories of the Bose-Einstein condensate; and quantum computing and quantum info move utilizing chilly atoms and formed ultrafast pulses. different articles care for contemporary findings in heavy ion collisions with clusters, time-of-flight spectroscopy recommendations, and a selected instance of a chaotic quantum procedure. The contributions will significantly help in the sharing of specialised wisdom between specialists and also will be precious for postgraduate scholars striving to acquire an total photo of the present study prestige within the components lined.

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D 39, 141 (2006). html Bose-Einstein condensed atomic gases (BECs) are a new class of quantum fluids. They are produced by cooling a dilute atomic gas to nanokelvin temperatures using laser and evaporative cooling techniques. In this paper we review the basic principles behind the experimental realization of Bose-Einstein condensation. We discuss experiments performed in our laboratory at Georgia Tech on quantized vortices formed in the condensate and on a new type of metastable BEC created in a quadrupole magnetic trap.

Thermodynamic definition of temperature is a statistical or average property of a system of particles. In case of free atoms in a dilute gas the term kinetic temperature is often used as an expression of measure of atomic speeds. In case of a large number of atoms this velocity is the root mean square velocity of the gas atoms. But kinetic temperature may mean the expression of kinetic energy of the atoms. \ S* / y / '" / \ / '/" ^ \ / \ • * (b) Fig. 1 (a) Gas phase atoms at NTP, (b) Cooled and dilute gas phase atoms and (c) Cooled and trapped atoms.

Inouye, A. P. Chikkatur, D. M. Stamper-Kurn, D. E. Pritchard and W. Ketterle, Physical Review Letters 82, 4569 (1999). 25. J. E. Simsarian, J. Denschlag, M. Edwards, C. W. Clark, L. Deng, E. W. Hagley, K. Helmerson, S. L. Rolston and W. D. Phillips, Physical Review Letters 85, 2040 (2000). 26. D. M. Stamper-Kurn, A. P. Chikkatur, A. Gorlitz, S. Gupta, S. Inouye, J. Stenger, D. E. Pritchard and W. Ketterle, International Journal of Modern Physics B 15, 1621 (2001). 27. P. B. Blakie, R. J. Ballagh and C.

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