By P Gunasekaran, Santosh Noronha, Ashok Pandey

Current advancements in Biotechnology and Bioengineering: sensible Genomics and Metabolic Engineering presents wide insurance of recent advancements, state of the art applied sciences, and strength destiny traits within the box, compiling the most recent principles from around the whole enviornment of biotechnology and bioengineering.

This quantity presents data-based clinical wisdom and state-of-art info on sensible genomics and metabolic engineering. It covers the middle topics of practical genomics, reminiscent of epigenomics, metagenomics, genomics of extremophiles, genomics reviews in nutrient shipping, genomics of miRNA, and genomics of pathogenesis.

An evaluate of metabolic engineering theories and ways is supported with particular very important examples of secondary metabolites, including Streptomyces, pentose usage in E. coli, bacterial ethanol fermentation, yeast mediated benzaldehyde biotransformation, carotenoid creation, acetic acid creation through E. coli, and NADH regeneration.

  • Provides cutting-edge info and functions of sensible genomics and metabolic engineering as utilized to biotechnology
  • Supports the schooling and realizing of biotechnology schooling and R&D
  • Demonstrates new technique of permitting cells to provide useful proteins, polypeptides, and first and secondary metabolites

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