By Birgit Endrass

Culture performs an important function in our lives. looking on our cultural heritage, we pass judgement on on and react to every thing that we come upon. refined adjustments in habit may end up in misunderstandings or perhaps tradition surprise. In the same demeanour, digital characters will be declined via yes person teams while displaying culturally irrelevant habit. yet how can social elements resembling tradition be built-in into the behavioral types of digital characters? Birgit Endrass addresses this query by way of engaging in a hybrid procedure that's according to theoretical history from the social sciences in addition to a multimodal corpus research, and exemplified the strategy for the German and eastern cultures. For this objective, various equipment from man made intelligence and multiagent structures are utilized and simulated with a digital personality system.

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In addition, the model covers aspects of culture rather than building a complete model. For these reasons, we consider Hofstede’s model (see previous paragraph) as being better suited for our purposes. 3 Problem-Oriented Model Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner [THT97] investigate culture according to the solutions people choose to deal with problems. Therefore, the authors distinguish three different categories of possible problems: (1) the relationship to other people, (2) the notion of time (3) and the relationship to the environment.

So-called unsafe topics such as death, serious illness, religion or sex are avoided. According to Kellermann and Palomares [KP04a], the choice of topics in everyday conversation depends on the personal relation between the interlocutors. Consequently, topics that are likely to be discussed in a casual small talk situation are predictable. In [Sch88], Schneider categorizes topics that, in principle, might occur in small talk conversations into three groups, while the choice of topics depends on the social context: 1.

Inequalities are more expected and desired and privileges for certain people are popular. The Individualism dimension (IDV) describes the degree to which individuals are integrated into a group. 3 The German and Japanese Cultures 37 along this dimension. While Germany scores higher than the world average, Japan scores lower. We can thus expect Germans to be a lot more individualistic, meaning that they would rather be convinced that everybody should be able do what they wanted to do than Japanese people, for whom the outcome for the group as a whole is much more important.

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