By Hans C. Boas

The papers during this quantity supply a contrastive software of building Grammar. via referencing a well-described constructional phenomenon in English, every one paper offers a superb origin for describing and studying its constructional counterpart in one other language. This technique exhibits that the semantic description (including discourse-pragmatic and useful elements) of an English building may be considered as a primary step in the direction of a "tertium comparationis" that may be hired for evaluating and contrasting the formal houses of constructional opposite numbers in different languages. hence, the which means pole of structures could be considered as the first foundation for comparisons of buildings throughout languages – the shape pole is simply secondary. This quantity exhibits that structures are attainable descriptive and analytical instruments for cross-linguistic comparisons that give the chance to catch either language-specific (idiosyncratic) houses in addition to cross-linguistic generalizations

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First, adjectives ending in -al, -ös, and -sam are less likely to form the morphological comparative than other adjectives. This suggests that also in Swedish, morphological complexity biases speakers towards usage of the periphrastic comparative. The ending -iv is an interesting exception to this tendency. While disyllabic adjectives such as aktiv, massiv, or passiv are compared periphrastically in the majority of cases, the situation is reversed with tri-syllabic adjectives such as effektiv, Figure 4.

Only very few morphological comparatives are found with the retrieved English adjectives. The forms curiouser and handsomer are the only types used in the BNC. Given that there are many di-syllabic adjectives such as rural, basic, active, or famous, we would expect   Martin Hilpert these to form the morphological comparative to some extent if word length was the only determining factor. Morphological complexity thus seems to play an active role, as has also been argued elsewhere (Mondorf 2003).

To explain the present – Studies in the changing English language in honour of Matti Rissanen (353–374). Helsinki: Memoires de la Société Neophilologique de Helsinki. Lindquist, Hans (1998). The comparison of English disyllabic adjectives in -y and -ly in Presentday British and American English. In H. Lindquist et al. ), The major varieties of English. Papers from MAVEN 97 (205–212). Växjö: Acta Wexionensia. Lindquist, Hans (2000). Livelier or more lively? Syntactic and contextual factors influencing the comparison of disyllabic adjectives.

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