By Thanh Nyan

From a Darwinian standpoint, language is rooted in our neurobiology, and the method wherein interpretation is reached with regards to argumentative sequences isn't really numerous to that underlying motion choice based on environmental switch: certainly, it arguably consists of a similar kind of decision-making (Damasio 1994). Context building, as construed through Nyan, corresponds to the initial level of decision-making, while the replaced surroundings should be classified. What discourse markers give a contribution to context building is an upgraded point of automation, wherein the measure of edition assumed to be found in the interlocutor s processing context could be introduced inside of a viable variety. How discourse markers impact interpretation is construed by way of Damasio s (2010) convergence-and-divergence area framework."

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Note, however, that the overall design may be made up of individual designs of parts serving complementary sub-functions, but the way these sub-functions are implemented can be subject to conflicting demands. In other words, complexity could also be the result of a compromise interacting systems have to reach (Mayr 1983: 331). In connection with the “hierarchical complexity of sentence structure and the multiplication of tricks for compacting clauses into sentences with considerable analytic depth”, Deacon (1997: 293) suggests that a possible interpretation of the hierarchic logic of grammatical and syntactic operations is that they evolved to accommodate this mismatch between cognitive processes and production constraints.

If it is the case that we do not necessarily possess the same complex categories, this would explain why argumentative intentions—even when correctly decoded—are not always conducive to the intended perlocutionary effect. Consider the following sequence from a note taped to a door: (7) Please do not obstruct the cat-flap, or the cat won’t be able to get back in. Those who can read this will have no difficulty in retrieving the argumentative intention, which is that a certain conclusion (that they should not obstruct the cat-flap) is to be reached on the basis of a certain argument (that if they do, the cat would not be able to get back in).

8 From a perfectionist standpoint, each trait of a system or an organism was “optimally designed by natural selection for their functions” (Gould and Lewontin 1979: 581). A feature’s current function corresponds to the function for which it would have been selected. An adaptive trait cannot be the product of chance or amenable to non-selectionist explanations. The appropriate methodology, accordingly, consists in atomizing organisms or systems into traits, and in seeking an explanation for each individual trait.

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