By M. A. K. Halliday, Christian M. I. M. Matthiessen

This article explores how people construe event. this suggests adventure as a source, as a possible for realizing, representing and performing on truth. it truly is by way of this capability that the details of everyday life are interpreted: they make experience simply because they're instantiations of this strength. the development of expertise is generally regarded as wisdom, having the shape of conceptual taxonomies, schemata, scripts and so on. The authors provide an interpretation that's complementary to this, treating event no longer as realizing yet as that means; and consequently as whatever that's construed in language. In different phrases, the fear is with the construal of human event as a semantic process; and because language performs the relevant function not just in storing and replacing event but additionally in construing it, language is taken because the interpretative base. the focal point of the booklet is either theoretical and descriptive. the most important descriptive part is an account of the main normal gains of the ideational semantics of English, that is then exemplified in normal textual content forms (recipes and climate forecasts).

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We started by saying that to adopt this approach means interpreting grammar as 'natural', in the sense that its formal organization is typically iconic rather than conventional in relation to meaning. We need to pursue this line of thinking a little further, bringing in the arrows of time. 9 la systemic terms, the largest that can be exhaustively represented as system networks on the paradigmatic axis. Cf. Chapter 3 below. 10 This formulation specifically relates to the ideational metafunction.

G. the evolution of scientific discourse. This is the phylogenetic time frame. (ii) Secondly, there is the development of the individual speaker (speaking subject). A speaker's history may — like that of the biological individual — recapitulate some of the evolutionary progression along epigenetic lines. But the individual experience is one of growth, not evolution, and follows the typical cycle of growth, maturation and decay. This is the ontogenetic time frame. 11 There may be more, but these are the ones that matter here.

The choice of representation will always depend on the task at hand. A particular task might foreground inferencing based on collections of 'instantial facts' in a data base; or it might foreground taxonomic organization and inferencing based on hyponymy (classification), and so on. g. towards perspicuity on the one hand and towards automatic manipulation on the other. 2 Logic Logic is attractive because its properties are well understood in terms of both fonnationrules ('syntax1) and interpretation ('semantics') and it can be used to support inferencing.

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