By E.Groswenor

История града императора Константина – Константинополя. Изданная в начале двадцатого века в Америке. Американский историк подробно описывает события, которые пережил древний город на Босфоре. Издание проиллюстрировано многочисленными гравюрами и картами. Книга выходила в свет тогда, когда европейские державы готовились к новой мировой войне. Вопрос – кто будет властвовать на Босфоре в то время был особенно актуальным.

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When Orhan’s great and whimsical grandfather, who outfitted a dynasty out of constructing kilim rugs, is located useless in a vat of dye, Orhan inherits the decades-old enterprise. yet his grandfather’s will increases extra questions than it solutions. Kemal has left the relatives property to a stranger millions of miles away, an getting older girl in a retirement domestic in l. a.. Her lifestyles and secrecy approximately her prior in basic terms deepen the secret of why Orhan’s grandfather could have left their domestic to this lady instead of to his personal family.

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When Byzantium at last submitted, by her fall Constantine was rendered tines ^-ble traditional master of the resistance of Licinius By the unrivalled reunited Empire, and became hopeless and advantages of her the farther vain. situation, the conquered city vanquished the conqueror. In her site he found what his eye of statesman and warrior had sought in vain on the shores of the Adriatic and ^Egean. On the throne of universal dominion, which Imperial Rome was abdicating with her forsaken gods, Constantine Herein he, whose title of the called Byzantium to sit.

Of the Tribunal, or the Kathisma, whence he could behold the thouAround him sands of his subjects. stood the surviving members of the His children's family. mother, the fair Fausta, whom he had smothered in the bath, and his Flavian oldest son Crispus, whom unjustly condemned, he had were indeed His mother, Saint Helena, had just died, but most of the AINT HELENA Mo ER OF That ^ imperial house were there. CONSTANTINE THE UREAT many of those princes were in after wanting. years to die in open war against one another, or by secret no seer or prophet beholding the brilliant Their approaching destiny spectacle could have foretold.

Of his soldiers ; ; the interposition of torch-bearing Hecate. To her they CONSTANTINOPLE 24 commemorative statue, and changed the name of the region where it stood from Bosporion to PhosHenceforth the crescent and star, or the cresphorion. cent and seven stars, symbols of the goddess of the moon, appeared on the Byzantine coins as commonly as Poseidon and his trident, or the dolphins, or the cow lo, or the fishes, or the bunch of grapes all those devices had reference to erected a ; the legendary past or to the prosperity of the city.

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