By Bernhard Wälchli

This e-book offers a typological survey and research of the co-compound development. This understudied phenomenon is basically a compound whose which means is the results of coordinating the meanings of its elements, as whilst in a few sorts of English 'mother-father' denotes 'parents'. throughout the paintings Dr W?lchi examines and discusses themes of significant theoretical and linguistic curiosity. those comprise the inspiration of note, markedness, the syntax and semantics of coordination, grammaticalization, lexical semantics, the excellence among compounding and word formation, and the constructional meanings languages can installation. The e-book makes many observations and issues approximately typology and areal positive aspects and contains a wealth of surprising facts. will probably be worthwhile for typologists and of substantial curiosity to a number of experts together with lexicologists, morphologists, development grammarians, cognitive linguists, semanticists, box linguists, and syntacticians.

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Co-compounds cannot be identiWed mechanically in texts and cannot be investigated by automatic corpus linguistic analysis. DiVerent patterns of coordination diVer in tightness and are not simply grammatical or ungrammatical in certain contexts, but rather appropriate or inappropriate, and they cannot be described by purely formal syntactic theory. Diachronic and synchronic relationships between diVerent types of co-compounds do not coincide, so the semantic map approach is of only limited importance for them, which makes it impossible to follow the framework of ‘Radical Construction Grammar’.

The diVerence disappears in contexts where there is no such subordinator. In a similar way, there is a diVerence in English between was able to read and write and was able to read and to swim, but not between could read and write and could read and swim. It should not come as a surprise that ‘read and write’ can be expressed as a co-compound in some languages (for instance, Mordvin) while ‘read and swim’ cannot. A well-known phrase-like tight coordination pattern can be seen in the socalled ‘bare binomials’ (not associated with binomial distribution in mathematics) in Germanic languages (Lambrecht 1984), such as law and order,6 whose essential formal property is a lack of articles (thus ‘bare’).

This same process of class sharpening is responsible for the fact that Venus in the following three sentences—Venus is a planet, Venus is a Roman goddess, and Venus is a tennis star—is sharpened to three diVerent meanings. In some cases of member-class sharpening, the subordinate–superordinate taxonomic relationship between concepts is activated. This is the case notably if X and Y are generic (as in The lion is an animal). Even in such cases, the superordinate concept may be sharpened to diVerent meanings depending on the choice of the subordinate concept, as in The piano is an instrument, The hammer is an instrument.

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