By Gloria P. Craig RN MSN EdD

Scientific Calculations Made effortless is a compact, easy-to-use, pocket-sized guide/reference to dosage calculation and drug management. It incorporates a evaluation of simple math abilities, dimension platforms, and drug calculations/preparations.

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Other factors that can be canceled from the problem include like numerical values in the numerator and denominator portion of the problem and the same number of zeroes in the numerator and denominator portion of the problem. 3 oz is the wanted quantity and the answer to the problem. 2 One gallon (gal) equals how many milliliters (mL)? Step 1 Identify the given quantity in the problem. 1 gal ϭ The given quantity is 1 gal. Step 2 Identify the wanted quantity in the problem. 1 gal ϭ mL The wanted quantity is the number of milliliters (mL) in 1 gal.

Teaspoon ϭ 19. drop ϭ Identify the correct numerical values for the following measurements: 20. 1 kg ϭ ____ lb 21. 1 kg ϭ____ g 22. 1 g ϭ____ mg 23. 1 mg ϭ____ mcg 24. 1 g ϭ____ gr LWBK732_c02_p31-46:lwbk732_ch2 11/20/10 1:42 PM Page 41 CHAPTER 2 Systems of Measurement and Common Equivalents Calculate the intake for the following meal trays: 25. Breakfast: Coffee Cup ϭ 240 mL (drank 1⁄2) Water Glass ϭ 180 mL (drank 1⁄2 with AM medications) Juice Glass ϭ 120 mL (drank all) Hot Cereal ϭ 100 mL (ate 1⁄2) Total ϭ 26.

36 26. 20 27. 125 28. 5 29. 05 30. 75 Divide the following decimals. ) 31. 25 ) 32. 80 ) 33. 25 ) 34. 125 (Practice Problems continues on page 20) 19 LWBK732_c01_p1-30_LWBK732 11/26/10 9:12 PM Page 20 20 SECTION 1 Clinical Calculations ) 35. 30 ) 36. 525 Convert the following fractions to decimals and round to the tenth. 37. 1 = 2 38. 1 = 3 39. 3 = 4 40. 2 = 3 41. 1 = 8 42. 7 = 8 LWBK732_c01_p1-30_LWBK732 11/26/10 9:12 PM Page 21 CHAPTER 1 Chapter 1 Post-Test Arithmetic Review Arithmetic Review Name Date Converting Between Arabic Numbers and Roman Numerals 1.

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