By Bancroft W. D.

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Civilization in Transition (The Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Volume 10)

Essays concerning the modern scene and at the relation of the person to society, together with papers written throughout the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties concentrating on the upheaval in Germany, and significant works of Jung's final years, The Undiscovered Self and alien craft.

Ethnic and National Stereotypes

3 reviews assessed alterations within the content material, consensus, and favorableness of 10 ethnic and nationwide stereotypes by means of replicating and lengthening the Princeton trilogy. effects indicated that in the course of the prior 60 years, just about all of the ethnic and nationwide stereotypes that have been tested had replaced in content material, and greater than part had replaced in consensus.

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Acute stress is the body's way of getting a person to stand up and take inventory of what is going on, to make sure that everything is OK. (ii) Chronic Stress—It will occur if there is a constant change of routine for week after week.

Workers participation in management). Provide safety measures to reduce accidents. Unbiased behaviour of superior should be avoided. Proper grievance handling machinery to reduce conflicts. Impose flexible work system/work hour. Increased autonomy. Emphasis on team work by which if team was not accomplished their objective within prescribed time than it will not lead dissatisfaction for individual. Job rotation reduces the monotony. Proper communication system between co-workers and management.

They desire responsibility and derive a sense of satisfaction from the work itself. These assumptions were, at one time, applied to management styles, with autocratic managers labelled as adhering to Theory X and democratic managers to Theory Y. Unfortunately, this fostered a tendency to see people as members of a group rather than as individuals. The important contribution of McGregor's theory was to recognize these two perspectives and to recognize that people can achieve personal objectives through helping organizations achieve their objectives.

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