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6m +28 ° 45' y ( nc Double star 4 . 0m + 1 9° 58' 6 . 7 , 7 . 4 520 8h 40. 9 2,600 8h 50. 5 m + 1 1 ° 49' p le ADS 6915 marks the point of the V. 5-magnitude Mag white. The quadruple star ADS 6921 lies in the northern arm of the V. All four components can be seen at 47X. 2, and lOA. The two brighter stars appear orange and white, while the colors of the dimmer components are difficult to dis­ cern through a small telescope. The orange star makes a nearly equilateral triangle with two of similar hue and brightness 21' north and 24' east-northeast .

Sparked intense interest among pn)te:SSlC. al astronomers. Several recent studies, improved values derived from this stellar burst, have helped astronomers adjust the cosmic distance scale and refine the rate of expansion of the universe. The most work on villi's star (deSignated Supernova 1998bu) yields a rate of about 70 kill)m ,eteIJ . per second per megaparsec. This is ably close to the weighted value of 72 in the Rubble Space Telescope Key Project. For currently favored cosmological models, either one implies that the universe's age is about 13 billion years.

The hunting fields are filled with double stars, variables, star clusters, and dozens of galaxies. Tallyho! � :s easily remembered Riches Beneath the Big Dipper's Handle asterism with Alka- 6th-magnitude stars 24 and id and th e on the chart ar right. 21 eVn , as shown The galaxy is faintly discernible through a large finder under a dark sky, b ut any light p ollution or atmospheric haze quickly renders it invisible. 4inch telesco pe at 50x shows a nearly stellar nucleus surrounded by a small core and a large, very faint halo consist­ ing of the galaxy's spiral arms.

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