By Alice Miller

Publish yr note: First released in 1991

Miller contains psycho-historical analyses of Hitler, Stalin, and Ceausescu to bare the hyperlinks among the horrors in their childhoods and the horrors they inflicted at the global. She pleads for an expertise of society’s position in baby abuse and for attractiveness of the sufferer.

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A more perfect deception and distortion of someone’s perceptions is barely imaginable. I spent a day observing what happened in the group. I also studied close-ups of the children on video. What became clearer and clearer as the day went on was that all these children had a serious history of suffering behind them. This, however, was never referred to throughout the entirety of this purportedly successful therapy. qxd 10/13/08 11:41 AM Page 37 Blindman’s Buff 37 across confirmed my hunch. When I suggested that simply letting out anger could not, in the long run, resolve the effects of the children’s traumatization, so long as the traumas themselves were ignored, I met with fear and defensiveness.

I will find people who know from their own experience how damaging it is to preach forgetfulness and forgiveness. Isn’t that just what your patients have done their whole lives, and is that not why they have remained disordered? Your theories contradict the reality I have discovered with the help of my feelings. But as you have learned not to feel, and don’t wish to change, you are incapable of recognizing these contradictions. I can do without your theories, though. I am no longer a child whom you can continue to fool.

How could I have? I didn’t even realize that I was being treated in a cruel and confusing way, something I would never have dreamed of suggesting. So rather than question my mother’s behavior, I cast doubt on the rightness of my own feeling that I was being unjustly treated. As I had no point of comparison of her behavior with that of other mothers, and as she constantly portrayed herself as the embodiment of duty and self-sacrifice, I had no choice but to believe her. And, anyway, I had to believe her.

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