By Konrad Reif

Braking platforms were regularly built and more desirable in the course of the final years. significant milestones have been the creation of antilock braking method (ABS) and digital balance software. This reference e-book presents an in depth description of braking elements and the way they have interaction in digital braking systems.

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In both cases the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) detects an undesirable rotation about the vertical axle. By active intervention in the form of selective braking of individual wheels, it is then able to correct the imbalance. FS MG FS υF S Fcf rK FS æ UAF0048-1Y Understeer and oversteer Cornering forces between a rubber-tired wheel and the road can only be generated when the wheel is rotating at an angle to its plane. A lateral slip angle must therefore be present. A vehicle is said to understeer when, as lateral acceleration increases, the lateral slip angle at the front axle increases more than it does at the rear axle.

7) – a “sprag brake”, a strong rod mounted on the rear that had the purpose of being driven into the (usually relatively soft) road. An excerpt from the original text of the user manual for the “Phaeton” by Benz & Co. G. Mannheim from 1902 reads as follows: “In addition to a handbrake attached to its left side, the car is braked primarily by Car braking systems 1 8 2 1 Beginning in about 1920, vehicles were fitted with drum brakes on all four wheels. e. levers, joints and brake cables. 2 æ UFB0772Y 9 Fig.

Given that the vacuum pipe connection (3) is connected to a vacuum source, this means that there is a vacuum in both chambers. As soon as a braking sequence is initiated, the connecting rod (10) moves in the direction of the vacuum chamber (3) and presses the seal of the double valve (7) against the valve seat (11). Consequently, the vacuum chamber and working chamber are then isolated from each other. Since further movement of the connecting rod lifts the sensing piston (6) away from the double-valve seal, air at atmospheric pressure is able to flow into the working chamber.

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