By V. G. Levitsky, A. V. Katokhin, O. A. Podkolodnaya, D. P. Furman (auth.), Nikolay Kolchanov, Ralf Hofestaedt (eds.)

Bioinformatics of Genome rules and Structurecovers:

-regulatory genomic sequences: databases, wisdom bases, desktop research, modeling, and popularity;
-large-scale genome research and sensible annotation;
-gene constitution detection and prediction;
-comparative and evolutionary genomics;
-computer research of genome polymorphism and evolution; machine research and modeling of transcription, splicing, and translation; structural computational biology: structure-function association of genomic DNA, RNA, and proteins;
-gene networks, sign transduction pathways, and genetically managed metabolic pathways: rules of association, operation, and evolution;
-data warehousing, wisdom discovery and knowledge mining; and,
-analysis of uncomplicated styles of genome operation, association, and evolution.

The information awarded can be used whereas fixing a variety of difficulties, either uncomplicated and utilized, in a number of instructions of molecular biology, molecular genetics, biotechnology, pharmacogenetics, pharmacology, and adjoining fields of drugs, veterinary, and agrobiology.

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The juxtaposition of two repeat copies as a consequence of the deletion serves to decrease the complexity of the sequence. 45). 65 . Figure 5. Micro-deletion in the ADRA2C gene that may have involved slipped mispairing. 4. Figure 6. Micro-insertion in the MEN 1 gene that may have involved slipped mispairing. Symmetric elements capable of forming a Moebius-loop structure (Cooper and Krawczak, 1993) have also been implicated in the generation of microdeletions and micro-insertions. A symmetric element was found to be responsible for the micro-deletion in the F9 gene (CD993401).

1998). 2 Evaluating characteristics of mononucleotide context in insertion regions It is assumed that nucleotide bases occur at each position of insertion regions independently of one another with frequencies calculated according to the Release 2 of D. 215 for C and G. 25 Part 1 In this case, the set of nucleotide frequencies at each position of the 60-symbol sequence follows a multinomial distribution (Agresti, 1996). Sum of the probabilities to obtain the observed or larger deviations of nucleotide frequencies of each type from the expected values (W) according to random causes gives the estimate of context variation at each position of the insertion region sequence sample.

Profile of the property tilt (No. 27 in the database PROPERTY) of the dinucleotides over the insertion region of LTR retrotransposon tirant. For designations, see Figure 3. The cut points determining the target site are at dinucleotides 29 and 31. Comparison of the plots for roo insertion region, shown in Figures 2c and 5, detected different variants of interrelation between the context and CPCP variations. For example, the peaks at positions 25 and 35 in Figure 2c (low variation in mononucleotide context) correspond to an essential decrease in variation of the property No.

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