By M. A. Hayat

Simple recommendations For Transmission Electron Microscopy

summary: easy concepts For Transmission Electron Microscopy

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A total of 2 0 - 1 0 0 ml of the fixative is perfused per fish, depending on its size. 38 1. 2 cm) is fitted. A height of 1-2 cm allows sufficient pressure. After the perfusion, the fish is covered with moist towels, and 3 0 - 6 0 min is allowed for in situ fixation. Yellowish coloration in the tissue indicates the completion of fixation. For further details, see Hinton (1975). , 1982). The fetus is delivered through a hysterotomy, and a salinefilled glove is placed over the head to avoid expansion of the lungs.

The fixative can be dyed with methylene blue to monitor the proper flow of the fixative. The saline bath in which the section of the aorta has been immersed is replaced by 3 % glutaraldehyde. The fixative can be recovered as it flows out of the system and poured back into the container for recirculation so as to maintain the desired height of the column (h in Fig. 1) of the fixative. 34 1. C h e m i c a l F i x a t i o n Fig. 1. Diagram of the apparatus used for perfusion of the aorta. Arrows indicate the direction of perfusate flow.

Tissue pieces are dissected out of the animal's body by using a pair of fine scissors or a new razor blade and are immediately placed in an appropriate fixative solution. 0-mm cubes, and fixation is continued for an additional 2 - 3 hr at either 4°C or room temperature. 5 mm or less. When a hand-held razor blade is used, the cutting should be accomplished by one quick slashing motion; several back-and-forth movements of the razor blade will result in extensive physical damage, especially to soft tissues.

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