By Mark Stenhoff

This is often the one medical evaluation of ball lightning in print this day with an updated assurance of conception. This ebook presents a severe evaluation of eyewitness observations of ball lightning and of facts of its interplay with the surroundings. Ball lightning may not be dangerous, yet could be a precursor of standard lightning. the realization is that ball lightning has decrease power than generally Read more...

summary: this is often the one clinical overview of ball lightning in print this day with an up to date insurance of conception. This publication offers a severe assessment of eyewitness observations of ball lightning and of proof of its interplay with the surroundings. Ball lightning will not be unsafe, yet could be a precursor of normal lightning. the realization is that ball lightning has reduce strength than usually assumed and that a few theories are hence redundant. After significantly reviewing the present conception, ideas are supplied for destiny learn. This professional e-book attracts new conclusions concerning the features of ball lightning and relates those to present theories

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He suggests that the appearance of a persistent, luminous ball of any color in contact with a conducting object, even if not sharply pointed, may be a form of coronal effect in the presence of impurities, probably of organic origin. In Rayle’s (1966) survey, of 103 reports, 16% said that ball lightning was formed in contact with a metal surface, 14% in contact with the ground, and 12% in contact with a nonmetallic surface. Of 88 reports, Rayle found that 18% said the ground surface, 14% power or telephone wires, and 7% other metal structures (total 39%) guided the ball.

Many images have also been obtained from aircraft of blue jets, another formerly unrecorded form of high-altitude optical activity above thunderstorms (Wescott et al. 1995). Blue jets, which are a phenomenon distinct from sprites, are weakly luminous discharges, deep blue in color, that seem to emanate directly from the tops of thunderclouds and shoot upward in narrow cones, about 15° wide, traveling through the stratosphere at a speed of about 100 km s-1. When they reach heights of 40 to 50 km, they fan out and disappear.

This variation may result in the familiar “rumble” of thunder. In ball lightning reports, descriptions of the time interval between lightning and thunder and a description of the thunder may be useful in establishing the circumstances that prevailed just before the ball appeared and may help to resolve whether conventional linear lightning had struck the ground in the immediate vicinity. A lightning channel perpendicular to the observer’s line of sight produces a high-intensity clap of thunder because x2 = 0, while if the channel is along the line of sight, it will be perceived as a rumble.

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