By David H. Krinsley, Kenneth Pye, Sam Boggs Jr, N. Keith Tovey

Backscattered scanning electron microscopy (BSE) finds the minerals, textures, and materials of sediments and rocks in a lot better aspect than is feasible with traditional optical microscopy. Backscattered Scanning Electron Microscopy presents a concise precis of the BSE process. This accomplished advisor makes use of considerable photos to demonstrate the kind of details BSE yields and the appliance of the strategy to the examine of sediments and sedimentary rocks. The authors overview using this petrographic process on the entire significant sedimentary rock forms, together with sediment grains, sandstones, shales, carbonate rocks, rock varnish, and glauconite. in addition they describe photograph research concepts that permit quantification of backscattered scanning electron microscope photographs. seriously illustrated and lucidly written, this ebook will supply researchers and graduate scholars with the most up-tp-date examine in this vital geological instrument.

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20. 19. Scale bar = 20 /im. 21. K. Scale bar = 100/Am. 22. 21, showing two-stage siderite coating on quartz grains. Scale bar = 20 42 energy-dispersive analysis has determined that the Warham siderite contains little substituted Mg (< 3%), although Ca substitution may be up to 10 mol % (Fig. 23). Many of the concretions contain well-preserved root material in which the cells are both infilled and partially replaced by authigenic siderite and iron monosulfide (Allison and Pye, 1994; EARLY DIAGENETIC PHENOMENA Figs.

The development of authigenic clay (C) and anatase/ rutile (white spots) can be seen clearly. M = mica, Q = quartz. Scale bar = 20 /mm. • 30 WEATHERING PHENOMENA microcracks of whatever origin is likely to enhance the rate of weathering and rock-break disintegration. , in 1984. The study revealed that displacive growth of secondary gypsum crystals played an important role in disrupting the shale fabric and provided strong observational evidence for the importance of microbially mediated pyrite oxidation and dissolution of primary calcium carbonate minerals in the embankment fill.

Scale bar = 100 jum. 16. K. (Q = quartz; P = porosity; S = siderite); (b) windowed BSE image showing distribution of siderite cement (white); (c) windowed and inverted BSE contrast image showing distribution of porosity (white). Scale bars = 100 JJLVT\. 1 7. K. Scale bar = 200 /xm. 18. 17, showing coating of iron monosulfide (FeS, arrowed) on Mg-calcite crystals. Scale bar = 100/im. 40 siderite cement and unfilled porosity. In the more poorly sorted muddy marsh facies, siderite, Mg-calcite, and iron monosulfide crystals are typically much smaller than in the sandy facies and occur as a partially displacive cement.

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