By Kathy Roth-Douquet

In the USA, it's more and more the case that the folk who make, help, or protest army coverage don't have any army event. As Kathy Roth-Douquet and Frank Schaeffer assert during this groundbreaking paintings, the distance among the "all-volunteer army" and the remainder of us is widening, and our nation faces a deadly lack of know-how among these in strength and those that protect our manner of life.

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Org, November 30, 2004. 48 ✯ AWOL of course we are not arguing that this is a typical response. But consider a few more examples. At a forum on Columbia’s campus in 2003, one of the presenters argued against a “military presence in Columbia’s student body” because members of the armed forces are trained to “evaporate dissent” and thus would impede free and open debate in the classroom. S. ”25 Many alumni from Columbia and even some students have fought to reinstate ROTC at that campus, but thus far, they have failed.

A few weeks ago, I spoke [in] an informal debate at 24. Nat Jacks, “Panel Speakers Link ROTC to War With Iraq,” Columbia Spectator, April 1, 2003. 25. Nick Rosenthal, “ROTC, You Are (Still) Not Wanted Here,” Columbia Spectator, February 16, 2005. “NOT FOR PEOPLE LIKE US” ✯ 49 Yale, and an imposing middle-aged man with fierce white hair came up afterward to ask me where I got the nerve to support a president who sends young soldiers to their deaths? ) . . A 17-year-old boy tried to explain to the white-haired man (in his straightforward, soft-spoken way) that those soldiers had chosen to be where they were; had understood and accepted the dangers; loved life just as much as the man did, but had different ideas about how to live it.

John had always liked and admired Max. And by coincidence Max’s little brother Asher got to Parris Island a few weeks ahead of John. These few casual contacts were enough to make the idea of volunteering tangible. Kathy’s husband, Greg, was influenced in part by his adopted godfather, Pat Fitzsimons, who became a role model and mentor to Greg when he was in college. Pat was Chief of Police in Seattle when Greg met him, a wonderfully ethical, kind, and successful man who had also been a Marine Corps officer.

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