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Some of it could then be used in the preparation of thefinalmixture. The use of a base stock permits the addition of small quantities of the desired component by adding a larger quantity of the gas mixture; thus errors caused by poor resolution and poor precision of the pressure-measuring equipment are less significant. The acetylene used to prepare the standard may contain as much as 3% acetone since it is shipped as a solution in acetone. This could cause an additional 3% relative error in the quantity of acetylene added unless the acetone is removed or accounted for when preparing the standard.

D. 1. Static Liquid Mixtures ORDINARY LIQUIDS Ordinary liquid calibration mixtures can be prepared simply by adding the desired weight or volume of each liquid into a suitable container. As with gas mixtures, the accuracy of the mixture will be a function of the purity of the various liquids, the method of measuring the quantity of each liquid, and the stability of the mixture. Many liquid compounds are difficult to obtain with purity better than 95%, so significant errors can result, especially if the purity is unknown.

In practice, the EDF can easily be set up to give a decade dilution of the initial sample gas concentration approximately every 10 min. 13. CALIBRATION METHODS FOR PROCESS ANALYZERS 37 HEAT TRACED TUBING ^ 10eC ABOVE BATH TEMP TEMPERATURECONTROLLED BATH Fig. 11. Gas-saturation apparatus. At any desired time, the effluent from the EDF is sampled by the instrument being calibrated, and the results are compared with the calculated concentrations. Ordinarily, some of the component of interest is adsorbed on the internal surfaces of the EDF at the beginning of a calibration run.

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