By Robert van Rooij

In this e-book, the writer defends a unified externalists account of propositional attitudes and reference, and formalizes this view inside attainable global semantics. He establishes a hyperlink among philosophical analyses of intentionality and reference and formal semantic theories of discourse illustration and context switch. Stalnakerian diagonalization performs a massive function the following. Anaphora are taken care of as referential expressions, whereas presupposition is visible as a propositional perspective. The relation among trust switch and the semantic analyses of conditional sentences and evidential (knowledge) and buletic (desire) propositional attitudes is mentioned extensively.

"Van Rooij has new and engaging issues to assert either approximately foundational concerns within the philosophy of language, and concerning the info of particular analyses, f.e. approximately intensional identification, epistemic modals, propositional perspective attributions, presupposition lodging, conditionals and trust change." Robert Stalnaker, MIT

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32 1 Content, belief and belief attributions if that world were the actual world. For each world in this set the referent of the token of you, and thus the proposition expressed by the sentential token, will depend on Ulrike’s intentions in that world, which need not be the same as what she actually intends. Let us assume with Stalnaker that a world determines both the proposition expressed by a token of a sentence and the truth value of what is expressed. In that case we might say that, if A is a sentence token of A, [A] is a relation between worlds.

That is, if conditions are normal or optimal, and if various alternatives to P were true, then the believer would be in various alternative states (see Stampe (1977) and Stalnaker (1988)). To the normal, fidelity (Stampe, 1977), or channel conditions (Dretske, 1981) belong both conditions external to the agent and those related to the internal functioning of the representational mechanism. The reason for this use of nested counterfactuals should be obvious: if conditions are not 11 See also Stalnaker (1984, ch.

Thus constitutive principles of fit which impute a measure of instrumental rationality leave the content of belief radically underdetermined. (Lewis, 1986, p. 38)11 Just as the arguments of Kripke, Donnellan, and Putnam motivated a causal theory of reference, the Twin Earth stories of Putnam and Burge motivated a causal theory of intentionality. 4, it seems that the causal theory of reference presupposes a causal theory of intentionality; how else to explain that speakers can not only refer, but also intend to refer to a particular individual without having an identifying description in mind (cf.

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