By Professor C. J. Joachain, N. J. Kylstra, R. M. Potvliege

Filling the necessity for a publication bridging the influence of subject on X-ray radiation and the interplay of x-rays with plasmas, this monograph presents complete assurance of the subject. As such, it provides and explains such robust new X-ray resources as X-ray free-electron lasers, in addition to brief pulse interactions with solids, clusters, molecules, and plasmas, and X-ray topic interactions as a diagnostic software. both precious for researchers and practitioners operating within the box "The improvement of lasers in a position to generating high-intensity pulses has opened a brand new sector within the learn of light-matter interactions. The corresponding laser fields are robust sufficient to compete with the Coulomb forces in controlling the dynamics of atomic structures and provides upward push to multiphoton procedures. This ebook provides a unified account of this speedily constructing box of physics. the 1st half describes the basic phenomena taking place in severe laser-atom interactions and offers the elemental theoretical framework to investigate them. the second one half incorporates a designated dialogue of Floquet concept, the numerical integration of the wave equations and approximation equipment for the low- and high-frequency regimes. within the 3rd half, the most multiphoton methods are mentioned: multiphoton ionization, excessive harmonic and attosecond pulse new release, and laser-assisted electron-atom collisions. geared toward graduate scholars in atomic, molecular and optical physics, the e-book also will curiosity researchers engaged on laser interactions with matter"--  Read more... half I. easy recommendations: 1. High-intensity laser-atom physics; 2. thought of laser-atom interactions -- half II. Theoretical equipment: three. Perturbation idea; four. Floquet concept; five. Numerical integration of the wave equations; 6. The low-frequency regime; 7. The high-frequency regime -- half III. Multiphoton Atomic Physics: eight. Multiphoton ionization; nine. Harmonic new release and attosecond pulses; 10. Laser-assisted electron-atom collisions

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