By P. Schmelcher, W. Schweizer

This publication comprises contributions to the 172. WE-Heraeus-Seminar “Atoms and Molecules in robust exterior Fields,” which happened April 7–11 1997 on the Phys- zentrum undesirable Honnef (Germany). The designation “strong fields” applies to exterior static magnetic, and/or electrical fields which are sufficiently severe to reason adjustments within the atomic or molecular str- ture and dynamics. the categorical themes handled are the habit and houses of atoms in powerful static fields, the basic elements and digital constitution of molecules in powerful magnetic fields, the dynamics and elements of chaos in hugely excited R- berg atoms in exterior fields, topic within the surroundings of astrophysical items (white dwarfs, neutron stars), and quantum nanostructures in robust magnetic fields. it's visible that the elaboration of the corresponding houses in those regimes factors the best problems, and is incomplete even this present day. Present-day know-how has made it attainable for plenty of examine teams to check the habit of subject in robust exterior fields, either experimentally and theore- cally, the place the word “experimentally” contains the astronomical observations. - derstanding those structures calls for the improvement of contemporary theories and robust computational thoughts. Interdisciplinary collaborations might be necessary and precious in constructing extra effective easy methods to comprehend those vital platforms. therefore the belief used to be to assemble humans from diverse fields like atomic and molecular physics, theoretical chemistry, astrophysics and all these colleagues attracted to elements of few-body platforms in exterior fields.

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Solid lines correspond to transitions already present in the spectrum of the diamagnetic hydrogen atom, dashed transitions are due to the additional electric field. Most of the transitions are strongly dependent on the magnetic field strength and change their positions by up to several thousand Å within one order of magnitude in B. Taking into account that the magnetic field strength varies at least by a factor of two across the surface of a magnetic white dwarf star, it is obvious that most lines are broadened to invisibility in the spectra.

1981, The two-body problem in the presence of a homogeneous magnetic field, J. Phys. B 14:751. Hummer, D. , 1988, The equation of state for stellar envelopes. I – An occupation probability formalism for the truncation of internal partition functions, Astrophys. J. 331:794. Iglesias, C. , and Rogers, F. , 1996, Updated OPAL opacities, Astrophys. J. 464:943. Johnson, B. , Hirschfelder, J. , 1983, Interaction of atoms, molecules and ions with constant electric and magnetic fields, Rev. Mod. Phys.

The analysis of the light curves with allowance for bending of photon trajectories enabled Pavlov & Zavlin (1997) to constrain the NS mass-to-radius ratio: These results demonstrate importance of NS atmosphere models for elucidating NS properties from observational data. , 1995, for a review). These models are based upon simplified opacities of strongly magnetized, partially ionized hydrogen plasma. These opacities include free-free and bound-free transitions and Thomson scattering in strong magnetic fields, but they do not include the bound-bound transitions, neglect effects of atomic motion (motional Stark effect), and use a simplified model for ionization equilibrium.

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