By Scheck Zabinski, E. Michael Scheck, Linda Yakel

Explains find out how to use the pc language easy to jot down primary courses for the Atari pcs

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Il.! I\H*-~::"" LJI\l I TI:::O" :::. <:1· li,j F' F! Jhl 1.. 1 hi I 'J" E: D E;;J" f::, T [~ ~:i No space between the words. Why isn't there a space between the words? Right! We didn't put a space into the quotes. We can add a space after UNITED or we can add a space before STATES. Let's add the space after UNITED. 1. Use the (CTRLl and rn keys to get back to line 20. 2. Use the (CTRLl and 8 keys to get to the end of UNITED. 3. Use the (CTRl) and (INSERT) keys to add the space, then press (RETURN ).

_. :i L is still 20 feet. Change L. ~,:) L is now 15; it is no longer 20. A RULE TO REMEMBER The name of a variable may be from one to 120 characters long. The first character must be a letter. It can be followed by other letters, or digits, or a combination of letters and digits. Proper variable names: EZ YOUR TURN Can you find the 3 incorrect names? Circle them. HF' L+' If you circled L+, 4K, and 55 you are correct. L + uses a special symbol (the +), and 4K & 55 both start with a digit. PROGRAMS Let's turn that living room problem into a program.

The Computer will list the names of all the programs on that disk. This is a directory of the programs. Once you've found the program you want, type (]J to get back to BASIC. )e" and you're all set to run the program. Don't forget to re-save your program if you do change it. Use the same program name if you want the old ver50 8-9 ______________________________________________________ sion of the program to be wiped out. jour disk: 'JEt·l.! 1 UT 1::) 1\1 F (j ;:U ~:) [r[: UL.. [IF< 25 ~. ' 1 (JI\li .

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