By M. Jary

Statement is a time period often utilized in linguistics and philosophy yet hardly ever outlined. This in-depth research surveys and synthesizes quite a number philosophical, linguistic and mental literature at the subject, after which provides an in depth account of the cognitive methods curious about the translation of assertions.

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Assertions, on this view, are a form of perception by proxy, and only derivatively do they serve as indications of the speaker’s doxastic state. In this section, I will look at these views more closely before presenting a hybrid position. This sees assertion as primarily a phenomenon of information transfer that is underpinned by a special type of intention, the full recognition of which involves attributing the belief that P to the speaker. However, it will be claimed that this communicative intention does not necessarily play a direct role in the process of interpreting an assertion.

P entails Q iff asserting that P prohibits one from asserting not-Q. P is compatible with Q iff asserting that P entitles one to assert that Q. P contradicts Q iff asserting that P removes entitlement to assert that Q (1994: 160). The propositional content of an assertion, then, consists in the commitments and entitlements that are concomitant with that act of assertion, and bestowed upon those who accept it. Propositional content is thus explained in terms of commitments and entitlements rather than in terms of truth conditions.

4. Given 2 and 3, it follows that truth cannot be explained without reference to a practice that exemplifies treating as true. 5. Assertion is the practice that best exemplifies treating as true. 6. Given 4 and 5, it follows that assertion cannot be explained in terms of belief, for the notion of belief is reliant on the notion of truth, which must itself be explained in terms of the practice that best exemplifies treating as true: assertion. Let’s look at each of these steps. Step 1 claims that belief cannot be explicated without recourse to the notion of truth.

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