By Ingrid Fredriksson

During the a long time, the mysteries of what occurs after we die and the character of the human brain have involved us. during this choice of essays, prime scientists and authors give some thought to awareness, quantum mechanics, string thought, dimensions, house and time, nonlocal house, the hologram, and the impression of loss of life on awareness. even if lots of those themes have typically been thought of issues for philosophical and spiritual debate, advances in smooth technology and specifically the technological know-how of resuscitation have now enabled an target, clinical approach—which bears frequent implications not just for technology yet for all of humanity.

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For instance, when he raises the lid and looks at Schrödinger’s cat and is informed of its fate, this is due to the fact that his consciousness has forced a decision. The decision means that he has stopped von Neumann’s infinite chain of observers. The hybrid world has stopped being hybrid; for example, the first of the alternatives in the double-slit experiment concretizes itself and the second becomes zero. If one now, like Wigner, accepts this function of consciousness, the paradoxes of quantum mechanics dissolve and the world becomes more intelligible.

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