By Hémery C Lebossé C.

Manuel de mathématiques, niveau sixième. Cet ouvrage fait partie de l. a. assortment Lebossé-Hémery dont les manuels furent à l’enseignement des mathématiques ce que le Bled et le Bescherelle furent à celui du français.

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Soc. 71 (1951), p . 161. , p . 164. (3) Theorem of A. Pelczynski. See A remark on spaces 2X for zero-dimensional 3C, Bull. Polish Acad. Sei. 13 (1965), p . 85. (4) This problem was raised by V. Ponomarev. See A new space of closed subsets and multivalued mappings of bicompact spaces (Russian), Matem. Sb. 48 (1959), p . 195. § 42, il] THE SPACE 47 2X E e m a r k 3. Let us denote, for an arbitrary topological space X, by V(X) the set of all compact subsets of X. Since

2*-P = EW\/[(F F Tî. )]. Consequently 2X—P is an F^-set. F x 3a (*). Zetf X be compact metric. Then the family of all countable closed subsets of X is of protective class CA in 2X. Proof. Denote by U the family of all uncountable closed subsets of X. Since each FeU contains a perfect non-void subset (by the Theorem of Cantor-Bendixson, see § 32, V), we have COROLLARY U = EV(0 F K ΦΚ a By Theorem 3, the set JT(0 φΚ FK F){K*P). c F)(KeP) is GÔ. Hence U, as a projection of a G0-set, is an analytic set (see § 38, I).

20 (1933), p . 252. § 41, v u ] COMPACTNESS 31 of %Ί onto &2J and of 9C2 o n *° &11 w ^ h point inverses as small as we wish. In other terms, if for each ε > 0 there are two continuous mappings onto, fx: %Ί -> X2 a n d Λ· &2 ~> %Ί> such that df < ε and èh

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