By Lambertus Marie De Rijk

This examine intends to teach that the ascription of many shortcomings or obscurities to Aristotle is because of the power misinterpetation of key notions in his works, together with anachronistic perceptions of assertion making. within the first quantity Aristotle's semantics is culled from the Organon. the second one quantity offers Aristotle's ontology of the sublunar global, and can pay precise cognizance to his technique of argument in mild of his semantic perspectives. The reconstruction of the semantic versions that come ahead as certainly Aristotelian may give a brand new impetus to the examine of Aristotelian philosophic and semantic notion.

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T h e various uses of the verb είναι and its cognates is often experienced as a real stumbling-block for unadulterated thought. Philosophers of the Mill-Russell-Carnap tradition usually insist u p o n the diversity of meanings and functions of 'be'. T h e ambiguity of this notion could easily, so they thought, and in fact did seduce many thinkers to become involved in "frivolous speculations concerning the nature of Being" (Stuart Mill), or confound the various meanings of the "terribly ambiguous" word 'is'.

1, 450b18-451a2 Aristotle discusses the intricate question how one can r e m e m b e r what is no longer present. You might as well suppose it is possible, he suggests, that we can see or hear that which is not present. He goes on to show that this is not only quite conceivable but also actually occurs in our experience. He refers to a picture painted on a panel, which at the same time is a picture and a likeness (είκών). That is to say, while being one and the same thing (τό αύτό και εν) extensionally, it is both of these, although the mode of being (τό είναι) is different.

Never 'mentioned'. 8 1 Taking (15) Aristotelian categorization to be a predicative pattern serving as the primary device for analysing the things-there-are (τα όντα), and for showing how the various kinds of being are related to o n e a n o t h e r , it is "naturally the theory of predication, and not the concept of existence, which becomes the central and explicit t h e m e of Aristotle's metaphysics", and thus the copulative use of 'is' will retain its p r e d o m i n a n t role. ) the concept of existence as such.

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