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Civilization in Transition (The Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Volume 10)

Essays referring to the modern scene and at the relation of the person to society, together with papers written in the course of the Twenties and Nineteen Thirties concentrating on the upheaval in Germany, and significant works of Jung's final years, The Undiscovered Self and alien craft.

Ethnic and National Stereotypes

3 reports assessed alterations within the content material, consensus, and favorableness of 10 ethnic and nationwide stereotypes through replicating and increasing the Princeton trilogy. effects indicated that through the previous 60 years, just about all of the ethnic and nationwide stereotypes that have been tested had replaced in content material, and greater than part had replaced in consensus.

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Surveyor shows the actual Chinese characters for each dimension. It also adds two more bipolar indicators for E (highly esteemed – stigmatized, and loveable – evil); P (tall – short; heavy –thin; and A (liberated – restricted and energetic – lethargic). I am indebted to Prof. Oliver Tzeng of Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, and Prof. Runjahm Hoosian of Hong Kong University for providing me with the original Chinese dimensions, scales and checking positions.. 98 over one-month periods.

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