By James Jeans

This e-book might be defined as a student's version of the author's Dynamical conception of Gases. it truly is written, although, with the desires of the scholar of physics and actual chemistry in brain, and people components of which the curiosity used to be ordinarily mathematical were discarded. this doesn't suggest that the booklet comprises no critical mathematical dialogue; the dialogue particularly of the distribution legislation is kind of particular; yet typically the math is worried with the dialogue of specific phenomena instead of with the dialogue of basics.

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3. The true nuclear single-particle potential will be finite; however, the low-lying levels in the potential will not be greatly affected by extending the walls of the potential to infinity. The shape of the true single-particle well over the nuclear volume can be expected to lie somewhere between the two extreme cases shown in Fig. 2 (see Fig. 5 . 4 ) . Fig. 4. Expected shape of true single-particle potential compared with the two solvable models. Spin-orbit splitting 43 It is possible to interpolate between the two solvable cases by flattening out the oscillator, or rounding off the square well.

The highest-1 states in each shell in the oscillator will be lowered the most, since they spend most of their time at the edge of the potential (see Fig. 4). Note both (nl) remain good quantum numbers in this interpolation, whose results are indicated in the center column of Fig. 3. 3 Spin-orbit splitting It is known experimentally that certain groups of identical nucleons ( p or n ) possess special stability. These so-called magic numbers occur at 2,8,20,28,50,82,126,. One does not obtain these numbers from the preceding analysis, where the total occupancies of the closed shells with the more realistic nuclear well (Fig.

10 Meson theory of nuclear forces The exchange of a neutral scalar meson of Compton wavelength l / m G h/mc (Fig. We shall see in chapter 14 that the latter description is obtained as an immediate consequence of relativistic mean field theory. l. Fig. 7. Contribution of neutral scalar meson exchange to the N-N interaction. In charge-independent pseudoscalar meson theory with a nonrelativistic coupling of ~ ( . V) n at each vertex, one obtains a tensor force of the correct sign in the N-N interaction.

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