By Colin Cooke

Realizing, designing and carrying out experiments is on the center of technological know-how. this article introduces the elemental ideas on which physicists may still construct a radical experimental method of their discipline.


figuring out, designing and undertaking experiments is on the center of technology. this article introduces the basic ideas on which physicists may still construct an intensive experimental procedure to Read more...

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Because of the common features between these devices it is hardly surprising that some pieces of equipment incorporate a switch to provide either function. Finally, the next logical step is to put the signal into a computer, which can do all that a pen recorder or an X-Y plotter can do, with the extra facility of making calculations and statistical analyses. The danger then is that one is spoilt for choice in the method of displaying the results of an experiment, and you have to think carefully which is most appropriate.

One’s popularity with teachers was always likely to rise if experiments were devised around equipment which would be of value after the exam, though I must confess to failing to base an experiment around squash balls or malt whisky. Occasionally the equipment needed for a particular investigation is not available because no one has invented it yet. Then the ability of some scientists to design and construct a new piece of equipment may come to the fore. Vacuum pumps and detectors of nuclear radiation are examples of experimental tools which have been developed over long periods of time.

B) The sphere falls as it would in a medium of unlimited extent. (c) The sphere is smooth and rigid. (d) There is no slipping of the medium over the surface of the sphere. (e) The velocity of the sphere is so small that the resistance to motion is due to the viscosity of the medium and not due to the inertia of some of the medium being pushed along by the sphere. 002 cm radius settled these doubts and enabled Millikan to analyze his data accordingly. A simple multiplying factor of (1+b/pr) had to be made to the steady speed of fall predicted by Equation 11; b being an experimental constant and p the pressure of the gas in which the drop descended.

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