By Olle Gunnarsson

Alkali-doped fullerides have attracted robust curiosity due to the fact that their construction grew to become attainable approximately fifteen years in the past. This e-book offers fresh paintings that can resolve exciting difficulties bobbing up from various outstanding houses. for instance, those solids are superconductors with excessive transition temperatures, even supposing the similarity among the digital and phonon strength scales should still suppress superconductivity. additionally, the Ioffe–Regel situation for electric conductivity is strongly violated. The e-book indicates why superconductivity is however attainable, as a result of an area pairing mechanism. The Ioffe–Regel situation is derived quantum-mechanically, and it's defined why the underlying assumptions are violated for fullerides and high-Tc cuprates, for instance. The booklet treats digital and delivery homes, reviewing theoretical and experimental effects. It specializes in superconductivity, electric conductivity and metal–insulator transitions, emphasizing the electron–electron and electron–phonon interactions in addition to the Jahn–Teller impact.

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33 We can see that U is indeed substantially larger than V, and that it is justified to focus on the effects of U at first. In general, we nevertheless expect that the more long-range Coulomb interaction will also play a role, for instance for plasmons, discussed in Chapter 6. 101 found, however, that V does not influence the metal-insulator transition, discussed in Chapter 7, in any appreciable way. 2 Experimental estimates Experimentally, U has been estimated from Auger spectroscopy. 11 ' 102 In this experiment, a carbon Is electron is emitted in a photoemission process.

In Fig. 5 we compare the band structure of solid Ceo in the Fm3 structure according to the method just described and according to a band structure calculation 79 in the local density approximation (LDA). 46 A. 2 A. The overall hopping strength has been adjusted to reproduce the LDA band width. The agreement between the present tight-binding approach and the LDA calculation is very good. The main difference is a slight deviation for the two lowest bands around the X- and W-points. This very good agreement is not entirely surprising.

This applies in particular to K3C60, where the barriers should be smaller. 5 Accuracy of the band width The t\u band width W and the related density of states (DOS) at the Fermi energy N(0) play an important role for many properties. It is then important to ask how well these quantities are known. Unfortunately, there is not much direct experimental information about W. For instance, one might consider using angular resolved photoemission spectroscopy (PES) to measure the occupied part of W. Due to the orientational disorder and the small size of the Brillouin zone, it is hard to obtain reliable data this way for A3C6o- There are several angular integrated measurements for this system.

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