By Mark L. Green, Jacob P. Murre, Claire Voisin, Alberto Albano, Fabio Bardelli

The most objective of the CIME summer time institution on "Algebraic Cycles and Hodge idea" has been to assemble the main lively mathematicians during this sector to make the purpose at the current cutting-edge. hence the papers integrated within the complaints are surveys and notes at the most vital subject matters of this zone of study. They comprise infinitesimal tools in Hodge thought; algebraic cycles and algebraic elements of cohomology and k-theory, transcendental equipment within the research of algebraic cycles.

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Checking the numbers of the curves is immediate. ). These configurations were studied intensively by the classical geometers - cf. Exercises 12, 13, 14. 13 Let S C PE be a smooth cubic surface. e. is isomorphic to PP'2 with 6 points blown up). First we prove two lemmas. 14 S contains a line. Proof Let P = JOr3(3)l be the projective space of cubics of P1, and let G4 denote the Grassmannian of lines in P3 (since a line in P3 is given by 6 Plucker coordinates, subject to a single quadratic relation, G4 is naturally a smooth quadric in Il5, and is 4-dimensional).

Hence the morphism j : P6 --+ IEn3 is injective. (b) Let x E P2 - {PI, ... , P6}. The cubits Qi U (pi, x) do not all have the same tangent at x, so that j is an immersion at x. Now let IV: Rational Surfaces 46 X E El; the conics Q23 and Q24 intersect at x with multiplicity 2. Then the cubics Q23 U L23 and Q24 U L24 have different tangents at x, which completes the proof that j is an embedding. 2(4), deg(j(P,)) = 9-r, so that j(P,) = Sd is a smooth surface of degree d in Pd, with d = 9 - r. In particular, S3 is a cubic surface in P3 and S4 is of degree 4 in Pd.

Thus S4 lies in two distinct quadrics Ql and Q2, which must be irreducible; Ql fl Q2 is then a surface of degree 4 containing S4, and so equal to it. 10 (1) Note that the linear system of cubics through pl, ... , p, is in fact the complete `anticanonical system' I - K I on P,. One can show that together with P1 x P1 embedded in Id, the del Pezzo surfaces are the only ones embedded in P' by their complete anticanonical system (Chapter V, Exercise 2). (2) Cubics and complete intersections of two quadrics are the only complete intersection surfaces embedded by their anticanonical system.

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