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This is usually achieved by use of a manually operated carburettor heat control, marked HOT or COLD and which, in the HOT position, by-passes the normal intake filter and derives the induction air from a heated source. The HOT position should be selected in time to prevent the formation of ice, because if the selection is delayed the use of hot air might be too late to melt the ice before the engine stops; 14 June 2000 23 Chapter Two Version 1 Aircraft Icing Handbook (b) engines with fuel injection normally have an alternate air intake, marked ON or OFF, located within the engine cowling and operated by a valve downstream of the normal intake.

E) Mechanical flexion and vibration. Some blade forms produce more kinetic heating than others and this can be related to the design of the blade and its speed of rotation. 14 June 2000 29 Chapter Three Version 1 Aircraft Icing Handbook Continuous operation in rain ice/freezing rain is impossible; this is because the water content is so high that ice will form all over the blade surface giving maximum drag and change of aerodynamic shape at the same time. Ice shedding will tend to worsen this condition.

1 Introduction Piston engine induction system icing, commonly, but not completely accurately, referred to as ‘carburettor icing’ may occur even on warm days, particularly if they are humid, IT CAN BE SO SEVERE THAT, UNLESS CORRECT ACTION IS TAKEN, THE ENGINE MAY STOP. Induction system icing is more likely at low power setting such as those used during descent, holding, on the approach to a landing or during auto-rotation on a helicopter. Statistics continue to show an average of 10 occurrences, including 7 accidents, per year, which were probably caused by engine induction icing.

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