By Jacques Van Ruiten

In Abraham within the ebook of Jubilees Jacques van Ruiten bargains a scientific research of 1 of crucial and vast moment Temple Jewish remedies of the determine of Abraham (Jub. 11:14-23:8)

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11:27c). However, there is no marriage report for him, as is the case for both his brothers ( Jub. 11:29a). Immediately after the birth of Lot, Haran dies ( Jub. 11:28). With regard to Haran’s death, Genesis mentions some striking details: a. “and Haran died before Terah (‫ ;”)על פני תרח‬b. ” One can easily deduce from the death of Haran, on the one hand, and the departure of Terah, on the other, that something irregular must have happened. The mention of a fire could be motivated by the mention of the name of the city of Ur.

12:15a), and “his father” ( Jub. 12:15d). As we have said, Jub. 12:9–15 rewrites Gen 11:27c–31. Apart from verbatim quotations with variations (cf. Jub. 12:9a, 15), omissions (Gen 11:29c–31a), and additions ( Jub. 11:12–14c, 14e, 15c), there is a striking rearrangement of some words and phrases (compare Gen 11:27c–28 with Jub. 12:10, 14d). In the following synoptic overview I have put both texts side by side:19 Genesis 11:27c–31 Jubilees 12:9–15 27c And Haran was the father of Lot. [ Jub. 12:10b] 28a And Haran died before his father Terah in the land of his [Jub.

12a For this reason he named him Terah: b because the ravens and birds reduced them to poverty c and ate their seed. 13a The years began to be unfruitful due to their birds. b They would eat all of the fruit of the trees from the orchards. c During their time, if they were able to save a little of all the fruit of the earth, it was a great effort. There are many similarities between Jub. 11:18–24 and 11:11–13. Also in Jub. 11:11–13 the word “ravens” occurs ( Jub. 11:11a, 11c, 12b), as well as “birds” ( Jub.

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