By Prof. Dr. Francesco Pietra (auth.)

Underwater exploration is an engaging job as a result richness of sea lifestyles, the attractive shades, and the distinction with terrestrial existence. it may be performed via diving or snorkeling -today there's tremendous gear for diving and taking underwater images­ and, except being a resource of delight, it kinds the foundation of contemporary ecological and behavioral marine reports. Diving is an emotional job. The silence of the submarine international, purely interrupted through respiring, has greater than as soon as evoked the monsters of the tremendous stories of my formative years. might be simply because, even if a lot time has elapsed because then, I nonetheless have a youth's skill to guage every little thing for the fascination it conveys. even though, not more than that may be won from underwater watehing. it's not that i am asserting that this is often destined to be a futile workout. Picasso watched sea urchins a lot within the similar method whereas revealing their quintessence in his work on the fort of Antibes. What I suggest is that this present day marine existence is usually seen from the viewpoint of the ordinary items concerned. this information, next to Picasso's time, provides a lot to the final picture.

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From these stories one might conclude that cyanobacteria are devils designed by Nature to offend man; a surprising thought for those who believe that everything that is natural must be good. Nevertheless one should not blame Nature; once again one should remember that in her unbiased overall balance, Nature can not indulge man. 33 3 Seaweeds, seagrasses, and emergent plants Seaweeds are macroscopic algae that can be dassified in three divisions, the red, the brown, and the green seaweeds. They inhabit rocky marine areas in shallow waters and although a few species of macroscopic algae are also known to exist in freshwater, they never attain the large size and population density of certain seaweeds.

FOOD AND POISON FROM GREEN SEA WEEDS Some green seaweeds are eaten or are used for food products, like the genera Monostroma, cultivated in Japan for a product called "aonori", and Enteromorpha ("awo-nori"). Vlva lactuca (besides being a sodal problem because of over-reproduction in northern Adriatic Sea) is eaten like a salad even outside Japan and Prasiola japonica and various spedes of Codium are also eaten. Only certain species of Caulerpa (which are used in the Philippines for salads) may present health problems.

Now that Gaia has been refuted by her creator, those involved with environmental natural gases have proposed a more limited version of this theory. 4 millimeters per year and finally the oceans will start to boil under the action of the sun. They also point out that corals and mollusks fix atmospheric carbon dioxide into calcareous materials organisms, while releasing molecular oxygen, and that photosynthetic transform carbon dioxide into molecules which are essential to the survival of all organisms.

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