By Larry Stillman

    When Moniek (Morris) Goldner and his kin have been uprooted from their Polish farming village in the course of a German motion, the child-sized sixteen-year-old fled into the forests. He ultimately met up together with his father, who had additionally escaped, and jointly they controlled to outlive till a former good friend betrayed the pair. Wounded and left for lifeless underneath his father’s murdered physique, Goldner was once rescued by way of the enigmatic outlaw Jan Kopec, who used to be additionally in hiding, searching for how one can take advantage of his felony expertise.
    For eighteen months Kopec concealed the boy with him, relocating from one region to a different, usually staying in hideouts he had shaped years previous. at the start Kopec expert Goldner just to function his associate in robberies and black marketplace actions. yet prior to lengthy he driven the learning to an entire new point, making it attainable for him to promote Goldner’s prone to a shadowy resistance team which used to be turning into drawn to the bold younger saboteur.
    And via all of it, those disparate personalities—the quiet, small-framed boy and the stocky, callous mercenary—forged an outstanding friendship and co-dependency born of want and desperation in a hellish time and place.

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After all, I had already been hiding in the woods for a year and a half. During that time, though, I had stayed pretty much in the same general area. Now Kopec would watch out for me, for reasons I still could not comprehend. I imagined we were like two nocturnal creatures—owls, maybe—flapping about to 19 Into the Forest find a place where we might be free from harm for one more day, and then another . . ” “You make it sound easy,” I remarked. Kopec snickered and grinned—in spite of himself, I imagine.

At any rate, they were obviously waved through. Once out of sight of the sentry chain, according to what little information Kopec shared with his friend Kryzak, they drove the horses deep into the woods. Then they continued on foot. What happened 33 Kopec next is unknown, but it’s probable that Kopec and his fellow escapee had some help from local villagers. Perhaps they were given civilian clothes to change into and places to hide along the way. Whatever the exact details of the escape, Kopec’s breakout was one of the few that succeeded.

Our hope was to get in and out without waking anyone, and at the first house we were successful. After a moment’s hesitation I began taking what little food I could find—just a few paltry vegetables, no bread or meat—while Kopec searched for clothing and valuables. He found little of use except for a few coins hidden under the frayed cushion of a heavy chair. Before leaving, Kopec did a quick recheck of the kitchen I had already searched. He grabbed something from an otherwise empty cupboard.

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