By Peter Deuflhard, Susanna Röblitz

This e-book is meant for college kids of computational structures biology with just a constrained history in arithmetic. commonplace books on platforms biology in basic terms point out algorithmic ways, yet with no supplying a deeper realizing. nevertheless, mathematical books tend to be unreadable for computational biologists. The authors of the current e-book have labored tough to fill this hole. the result's no longer a ebook on platforms biology, yet on computational tools in structures biology. This publication originated from classes taught through the authors at Freie Universität Berlin. The guiding proposal of the classes was once to express these mathematical insights which are necessary for platforms biology, instructing the required mathematical must haves by way of many illustrative examples and with none theorems. the 3 chapters conceal the mathematical modelling of biochemical and physiological procedures, numerical simulation of the dynamics of organic networks and identity of version parameters through comparisons with actual information. in the course of the textual content, the strengths and weaknesses of numerical algorithms with recognize to varied structures organic matters are mentioned. net addresses for downloading the corresponding software program also are included.

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Upon varying the initial values y0 , we may clearly distinguish two qualitatively different situations, asymptotic stability versus inherent instability. Mathematical Background 27 Condition numbers. Let us exemplify the two condition numbers defined above. t/ D j exp. 43) yields the interval condition number, say ÄŒ0; T over an interval Œ0; T. t/ D exp. j jt/ ! e. any initial perturbation will decay over sufficiently large time intervals, see Fig. e. T/ D exp. 1 ! e. any perturbation grows exponentially with time, the equilibrium solution y D g is inherently unstable, see Fig.

TC < 1. y/k Ä Lkx yk for all x; y; wherein the term ‘global’ means that it holds for all arguments x; y. y/ D @f : @y 20 Mathematical Background The expression fy is often called the Jacobian (matrix) of the right-hand side. 31) y where the maximum (supremum sup) is taken over all possible arguments y. This seemingly only theoretical quantity will play an important role later in connection with the definition of “stiffness” of ODEs, see Sect. 4. For illustration purposes, we give two scalar examples of the above cases.

In mathematical analysis such problems are mostly called “dissipative”, whereas in numerical analysis they are usually called “stiff”. 22) Total Error Let the integration order p and the step size be fixed. 13), we roughly have the following global discretization error : ERR D Cp T p p : Apart from the discretization errors, we will also have to deal with rounding errors. On a computer with relative precision eps ( 10 16 typically today) we roughly obtain the contribution : ERR D p Neps D p epsT 1 with a constant p depending on the discretization method.

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