By Clyde E Fant; Mitchell Glenn Reddish

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Orhan's Inheritance

They discovered him inside of certainly one of seventeen cauldrons within the courtyard, steeping in an indigo dye colors darker than the summer time sky. His hands and chin have been propped over the copper facet, however the remainder of Kemal Türkoglu, age ninety-three, had grew to become a gorgeous light blue.

When Orhan’s awesome and whimsical grandfather, who equipped a dynasty out of constructing kilim rugs, is located lifeless in a vat of dye, Orhan inherits the decades-old enterprise. yet his grandfather’s will increases extra questions than it solutions. Kemal has left the family members property to a stranger millions of miles away, an getting older lady in a retirement domestic in la. Her lifestyles and secrecy approximately her previous simply deepen the secret of why Orhan’s grandfather may have left their domestic to this girl instead of to his personal family.

Intent on righting this injustice, Orhan forums a aircraft to la. There, over many conferences, he'll unearth the tale that eighty-seven-year-old Seda so heavily guards--the tale that, if instructed, has the facility to undo the legacy upon which Orhan’s kin is equipped, the tale that may get to the bottom of Orhan’s personal future.

Moving among the final years of the Ottoman Empire and the Nineties, Orhan's Inheritance is a narrative of passionate love, unspeakable horrors, superb resilience, and the hidden tales that hang-out a family.

The Byzantines (The Peoples of Europe)

This booklet introduces the reader to the complicated background, ethnicity, and identification of the Byzantines. This quantity brings Byzantium – usually misconstrued as a vanished successor to the classical international – to the vanguard of eu historyDeconstructs stereotypes surrounding ByzantiumBeautifully illustrated with images and maps

A Neighborhood in Ottoman Istanbul: Fruit Vendors and Civil Servants in the Kasap Ilyas Mahalle

Combining the brilliant and colourful aspect of a micro-history with a much broader old standpoint, this groundbreaking examine appears on the city and social heritage of a small local group (a mahalle) of Ottoman Istanbul, the Kasap Iùlyas. Drawing on quite wealthy historic documentation beginning within the early 16th century, Cem Behar specializes in how the Kasap Iùlyas mahalle got here to reflect a few of the overarching problems with the capital urban of the Ottoman Empire.

Chronicon Paschale 284-628

The Chronicon Paschale is among the significant elements of the Byzantine chronographic culture protecting the past due old interval.

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Apparently its meaning was debated even in antiquity, as Pausanius lists various interpretations of the name. Originally some sort of structure must have stood on the hill. E. 5). We know the hill was the meeting place for the Council of the Areopagus, at first the supreme court and chief legislative body of Athens. , the council was stripped of much of its power. , murder. The council was said to meet in the open air because its judges did not wish to be tainted by the bloody crimes of those it judged.

Several persons, however, did attach themselves to the Christian movement “and became believers” (Acts 17:34). Paul then left Mars Hill. Nothing further is said concerning any events in Athens, except that Paul next left there and went to Corinth (Acts 18:1). E. and left an account of what he saw as he traveled through the city. Since he, too, 17 18 Greece Z Fig. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Athens: Agora Altar of Aphrodite Painted Stoa Royal Stoa Stoa of Zeus of Freedom Metroon 6. Tholos 7. Temple of Hephaistos 8.

But perhaps the worst disaster ever to befall Athens occurred in 1687 during the war between the Turks, who held Athens, and the Venetians, who were laying siege to it. During five days of constant bom- Athens bardment of the city, a Venetian cannonball struck the Parthenon, which was being used as a powder magazine by the Turks, and the most magnificent of all classical buildings was blown apart. Biblical Significance From our modern perspective on Athens, it may seem strange to us that the city played a lesser role in the journeys of Paul than places such as Corinth and Ephesus.

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